Discover Market Referral Program

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Get paid for referrals that you send to Discover Market by posting links on your website, blog, Instagram, Youtube or any other network.

Customers at Discover Market can pay using Bitcoin (BTC), New York Coin (NYC), Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX).

Your referral rewards will be paid in the cryptocurrency associated with your customer group  and / or Reward Points, if the client used reward points as part of the payment.

- Customer groups at Discover Market are associated with the development and expansion of Discover Market.

- Discover Market is in beta.

- All users who create an account on Discover Market at the beta testing phase are members of the Stone Age group.

- Payment of referrals during the beta phase will be made in Bitcoin (BTC) and / or in Reward Points.

- Your referral commissions will be sent to your cryptocurrency wallet every time your profit reaches $USD 100,00, but if the payment for your referrals was made partially or in full using reward points, you will receive your reward points as soon as the order is completed.

* You can use the data below to find out the rewards you receive for each type of product on the Discover Market:


The Referral Reward for all products on Discover Market is 05% of the product value.

Discover Ticket Store products are not included in this referral promotion. 


Reward to all Discover Ticket Store products is 60% of the product value

BETA TEST PHASE PROMO (Release Date: 2019)

Recommend 05 Stone Age Plans, and bring 05 new sellers to Discover Market to get a UNLIMITED BETA PLAN for free .You will also receive a commission equal to 60% of the value of the Stone Age Plan.