Direct Market is a payment option or trading method that allows sellers and buyers to negotiate directly with each other through Discover Market, without Discover Market as an intermediary.

Unlike other marketplaces on the Internet, Discover Market offers buyers and sellers the ability to negotiate directly with each other through the store page of the seller. In this type of transaction, the seller does not have to pay any sales fees, so that the seller can offer his customers attractive lower prices (Direct Market Price $ :).

The entire process of purchasing your product through Direct Market is the same as any other payment option on Discover Market, except that the payment is not stored in Discover Market Systems.

After selecting the Direct Market payment method at checkout, the buyer must pay the seller using the payment method specified on the product description page.

This allows sellers and buyers to use the Direct Market option to register their transactions on their Discover Market accounts and conduct the negotiations themselves.

* Discover Market does not settle disputes relating to payment, delivery, product warranty, refund and return of products in this form of trading. (*see Terms & Conditions)