FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

How does Discover Market Works?

At Discover Market users list their goods or services and negotiate with each other using Cryptocurrencies.

- Products price can only be listing in $ USD (UNITED STATES DOLLAR).

- Buyers can pay for products only with Cryptocurrencies.

- Sellers are paid only with Cryptocurrencies.

- The type of cryptocurrency used in the payment of the product will be the type of cryptocurrency that the seller will receive.

 - It is not possible to Sellers receive payments made with cryptocurrencies in conventional currencies (USD, EURO and others fiat currencies).

All payments made through Discover Market are retained by Discover Market until Buyer has received the product purchased from Seller, ensuring safe and satisfactory negotiation for both parties.

What are the benefits of selling on Discover Market compared to other marketplaces on the Internet?

Unlike other marketplaces on the Internet, Discover Market offers you a range of freedoms to give you maximum independence and control over your business.

- Discover Market gives you the freedom to negotiate with your customer directly from your shop page, without paying any fees to Discover Market (Direct Market), choosing your own payment methods, and how your customer should contact you. 

- With Discover Market, you can expand your online business network and connect all your e-commerce sites, blogs and social networks with your product page to offer customers a efficient way to discover all your products online.

-  With Discover Market you can improve the ranking and visibility of your shop page and all your products in search engines by editing the meta keywords, meta description and URL of your page store and each of your products.

- Discover Market offers the possibility to pay a lower seller fee for each transaction. Sellers can give their customers 05 Reward Points when they buy a product. Each time a seller performs this action, the seller reduces the seller fee for that particular order by -05%.

- To help sellers sell their products, Discover Market rewards customers with reward points. For each (01) US dollar spent by customers on Discover Market, they receive (01) one reward point.

- On Discover Market, each reward point gives the customer a one percent (01%) discount on purchases of any product.

- Customers can use their Reward Points to buy products in stores where they are accepted.

What fees are charged to trade in Discover Market?

- Discover Market charges a fee of 10% over the value of the traded product however you can always reduce this fee to 05% by giving your customer 05 Reward Points (05% discount to next purchases) per purchased product.

What types of cryptocurrency are accepted in Discover Market?

Currently it is possible to pay for products on Discover Market with Bitcoin (BTC), New York Coin (NYC), Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX), but payment with other cryptocurrencies will soon be available .

How can I receive my payments?

All Sellers wishing to trade on Discover Market will be required to provide their Crypto wallet addresses to receive payments made in cryptocurrency.

Can sellers negotiate their products without paying any fees to Discover Market?

Yes. At Discover Market all sellers can choose to trade their products using the DIRECT MARKET payment method (without Discover market as an intermediary) providing to their customers others payment methods . In this type of negotiation, the seller is not charged by Discover Market for the sale of its products (0% ZERO FEE) and can offer its customers lower prices, thus increasing their sales.

*In this mode of trading, Discover Market does not participate in disputes involving payment, delivery, product warranty, refund and return of the goods. (*see Terms & Conditions)

How works the Delivery of Seller Products?

Discover Market is not involved in the delivery process. Each seller has their own store in Discover Market, as well as their own policies for deliveries, returns, refunds and guarantees. It is the responsibility of the buyer to inquire about the delivery policy and return policy on the seller's store page.


How does Discover Market control the quality and safety of the negotiations?

Sellers and buyers on Discover Market must notify on the platform that they have completed some basic steps in the negotiation process to ensure successful business between the parties and to create a reliable and safe business environment for everyone.

1- After Discover Market confirms the payment sent by the buyer, the seller must send the order to the buyer and notify the buyer on Discover Market platform that the order has already been sent.

2- The buyer must inform about the delivery status of the order on the Discover Market platform.

3- If the seller receives a delivery report from the buyer indicating that the order did not arrive as expected, the seller must report on Discover Market Platform that received the delivery report and take appropriate measures to resolve the problem.

4- When the buyer makes a payment in Discover Market, the seller does not receive payment until the buyer notifies the Discover Market about the good delivery status of the order. Negotiations never end until the buyer receives the product as offered by the seller, and if the buyer and seller start a dispute which no one can reach an acceptable agreement, the buyer is refunded and Discover Market conducts a verification of negotiations.

5 - After reviewing the negotiations, sellers, buyers, or both, may have their accounts blocked or closed by Discover Market if it has been proven that the transaction was conducted in an untrustworthy or fraudulent manner.  (* See Terms and conditions)

What are the requirements to trade in Discover Market?


1 - Read, understand and accept the Discover Market Terms and Conditions in order to use the platform.
2 - Create a user account (Buyer Account).
3 - 
Inform about the delivery status of the order on the platform.


1 - Read, understand and accept the Discover Market Terms and Conditions in order to use the platform.
2 - Create a user account (Seller Account).
3 - Provide the customer with order status in accordance with the requirements of Discover market.
4 - Each  Seller must have their own Return policy (refund, exchanges, technical assistance, guarantees).
5 - Each  Seller must have their own Shipping policy.


How many user account types are there in Discover Market?

There are two types of user accounts in Discover Market.

A Buyer account and a Seller account (Free or Premium), each one with its features. 


What are the costs of having a Discover Market account?
a - Buyer account - Buyer accounts are 100% free.
b - Seller account - Seller accounts can be totally free (100% free) or Premium Account (Subscription Plans).

What is the difference between a free seller account and a premium seller account?

In the free account, it is possible to list only the maximum quantity of 08 products for negotiation for a maximum period of 30 days (Trial period). After this period, the free account is disabled.

In Premium accounts, the quantity and display time of products that can be listed for trading on Discover Market platform varies according to the subscription plan.


How to close an account created on Discover Market?

To terminate an account on Discover Market, the User must make the request by email.


How long does Discover Market keep the history of a negotiation?

The order history between sellers and buyers through the platform will be available during the period of 180 days from the date of the completion of the negotiation (date where order status reaches: COMPLETE ORDER). After this period the order history is deleted from Discover Market, being the responsibility of sellers and buyers to save all relevant data if it so wishes before the action becomes effective by Discover Market.


How long does it take for retained funds from a trade to be released to the seller?

In all negotiations the payment withheld will be sent to the seller:

a. within 48 hours thereafter, and only after the buyer has reported the delivery status of the item purchased or,

b. after 10 days from the delivery date, if the buyer has not reported the delivery status. In this case, the seller must provide proof of delivery regarding the order.

c. In both cases (a,b) the order status must be: COMPLETE ORDER.

What types of products can I sell on Discover Market?

Sellers in Discover Market can only list products that match any of the existing categories in Discover Market. If a seller wants to list a product that does not currently have a match category, they must send an email to Discover Market and request a review for the product they want to list. Discover Market creates the category for the product to be listed, if possible.




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